TurfKeeper’s modern take on total turf management

Thursday, 26 October 2023
The TurfKeeper platform from Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS) is making paper process management a thing of the past!

The TurfKeeper platform from Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS) is making paper process management a thing of the past! Created by a team with over 50 years of combined industry experience, TurfKeeper is the leading online software system to monitor and control maintenance schedules, machinery, chemical applications, personnel, budgets and more – with turf managers across the sporting spectrum discovering the efficiency and time savings to be had, with simplified systems and data all securely stored in one place.

Driven by a desire for better information and knowledge to inform future decision making, TurfKeeper is now an integral part of over 250 turf operations around the world. On a cloud-based platform, accessible from remote and mobile devices, TurfKeeper contains modules to deal with all key areas of day-to-day operations from logging staff details, time sheets and holidays through to stock inventory and the dynamic, effective planning tool which enables the scheduling of tasks for the day and weeks ahead.

Every detail input into the system is saved to your cloud account, ensuring information is available at a touch of a button from any web connected location. A new ‘Beacon’ application offers push-notifications direct to a mobile device, helping the operator to keep up to date with their team and the task list while away from their desk. Thanks to a range of filters, data can also be downloaded and displayed in ways that can be presented to the team or higher management when required, supporting better-informed decision making.

Fintan Brennan, Links Superintendent at Portmanock Hotel & Golf Links is just one of many clubs benefitting from the clarity and convenience of TurfKeeper. “TurfKeeper has become an integral part of our course operations” he explains. “The digital white board is now the focus of our daily staff planning meeting, with staff gaining a clear understanding of their daily tasks. With accurate data being captured the quality of our reporting has improved. We have really benefitted from the clarity TurfKeeper provides around labour hours and the time logged per area of the course. With great detail available, our communication with our owners is now full of insight regarding course resources with report graphing painting perfectly clear pictures that all can easily understand.”