Symbio Phytogro

Symbio Phytogro provides a 3 in 1 product containing a unique combination of: biostimulants; wetting agents/penetrants, and foliar potassium, for strong, stress-resistant sports turf. The biostimulants promote the production of plant hormones essential to combat stress, wetting agents aid water penetration, and potassium increases cell production and hardens the sward; together this helps to condition turf against dry patch and disease.


Symbio Phytogro may be used alone or as part of a biological treatment program to solve
underlying problems. Dry patch and plant diseases are symptoms of problems in the
rootzone and sward.
Symbio Phytogro employs a unique combination of: fatty acids, fruit acids and vitamins with a wetting agent/penetrant and foliar potassium.
Biostimulants to promote the production of plant hormones essential to combat stress
caused by disease and dry patch.
Wetting agents to aid water penetration and dispersal Potassium to increase cell production and harden the sward.

• For rapid recovery of disease scarring and dry patch damage
• Promotes the growth of healthy turf, less susceptible to stress
• Provides long lasting green-up
• Contains wetting agents to aid water penetration and prevent dew formation
• Use as a treatment or a preventative


How to apply

20L/ha in 400 – 600 L of water
To help condition your turf against dry patch and disease
Apply once every 4 weeks approaching and during the time turf diseases and dry patch
are expected
Immediate action treatment to aid recovery
Apply at first signs of dry patch or disease to strengthen unaffected grass

Application Rate:

20L / ha
400-600L Water

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