Euroflor Celebrate Flower Seed

The Euroflor Celebrate Flower Seed is a mixture of Poppies and Cornflowers.


The Euroflor Celebrate Flower Seed provides a mix of Vivid red, white and blue flowers perfect for any celebratory or commemorative event.

  • Vivid shades of red, white and blue patriotic colours
  • Enhances green spaces and other public areas
  • High percentage of annuals to be enjoyed throughout summer following spring sowing
Pack Size 1 kg
Coverage 285-333 square metres

Flower Seed Mixture

Contains 35 different species and varieties includes Poppies, Blue and White Cornflowers, Red and Blue Flax, Love-in-a-Mist and Baby’s Breath.


Composition Annuals 100%
Flowering Height 40 – 90 cm
Sowing rate 3 – 3.5 g/m²

Flowering Period



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