Make an impact and off-set your carbon footprint with the Carbon4Grass range from OAS

Thursday, 26 October 2023
Make an impact and off-set your carbon footprint with the Carbon4Grass range from Origin Amenity Solutions

The Carbon4Grass range from Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS) has been developed to support the industry’s awareness of carbon mitigation in amenity and landscaped areas. 18 years of research into carbon sequestration has shaped the range, with cultivars that have proven to sequester (lock up) more carbon specifically chosen to help mitigate the environmental impact of maintaining intensively managed turf without compromising on quality.

During photosynthesis grasses absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere into the leaves and roots, sequestering carbon into the soil as they senesce and decompose. Studies have been conducted in-house at the OAS Turf Science & Technology Centre and with selected partners around the globe since 2005 to assess the efficiency of individual cultivars – selecting those that combine increased levels of carbon sequestration potential with desirable amenity characteristics to create the Rigby Taylor Carbon4Grass range.

Over the years, the research programme highlighted many findings, including the ability of red fescue to hold more carbon in the roots than other species and, comparatively, perennial ryegrass being the most effective at transferring carbon into the ground.

Within the Carbon4Grass range are 10 mixtures for sports ground, golf course and amenity applications, including ‘Low Maintenance’ ultra-fine rye and fescue blend ideal for landscaped areas. Incorporating Creepstar creeping perennial ryegrass for stabilisation and recovery, and Angelina perennial ryegrass known for the shortest re-growth, Low Maintenance delivers a hard wearing, dense and drought tolerant sward with lower requirements for mowing.

Jayne Leyland, Seed Product Manager for OAS said, “Sustainability is a major part of the OAS environmental strategy and that of many leading sporting venues. To offer customers the Carbon4Grass range is a great way to not only assure quality performance and results but to make significant inroads to helping our customers offset their carbon footprint.”